Managed Services (SLA)

Corrective Maintenance

The goal of the corrective Maintenance is to fix any fault that may appear in the O&M covered by the MS

Typical corrective Maintenance tasks to be performed are:

  • Identification and replacement of defective HW-modules
  • Generation of failure reports according to the defined reporting procedures

Scheduled Maintenance

The Scheduled Maintenance interventions can be raised further to a Corrective Maintenance intervention.

The Scheduled Maintenance consists of a field intervention which has to be planned / deferred due to the following reasons:

  • the field engineers do not have the required means / tools / solution to solve the issue immediately
  • the possible traffic impact requires to postpone the intervention during a maintenance window

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance tasks are performed as described in the standard preventive Maintenance. Regular activity reports are issued on a periodical basis as stated in the preventive Maintenance plan.

  • Complete visual inspection of the equipment and connections
  • Periodic or on-demand tests and measurements

Periodic Software Updates (Patches & Hot Fixes)

The managed services team contributes the following:

  • Analysis of risks and impacts on operations.
    This activity, carried out by the relevant product expert, is meant to identify all the potential risks and impacts on
    Operations that may occur further to the software update. In addition, it includes co-ordination with vendors and
    Operations in order to draw up a change plan.
  • Integration of the new release.
    This activity includes co-ordination actions with Managed Services team and operations in order to carry out the deployment and integration of the software update.
  • Commissioning of the software update