Americana is a food manufacturing and distributing company, in which two of these restaurant in Jordan (KFC and Hardees) have been supplied with LG products by AVXAV.


The products that LG has provided them with are 43-inch digital signage screens, electronic menu boards, built-in web-OS media players, and the SuperSign Content Management software. LG Digital Signage screens is committed to providing inclusive and necessary solutions with the newest products and features adjusted to the specific requirements of Americana. The design, features, and specifications change without notice.


The smart Digital Signage screens provided to KFC and Hardees are LG business solution screens with built-in web-OS. The built-in web-OS media player is a web-based, multi-function platform that allows easy integration and expansion. It can carry out several tasks at once, but at the same time, its content playback is smooth and appealing, therefore enhancing user convenience.


It includes a built-in player, easy customization, application execution, and embedded Content Management System (CMS), which allows clients to edit and play content.


The SuperSign software is an industry conclusive software-based Content Management Solution. It is an all-in-one solution for editing, scheduling, and distributing, applicable for large-scale displays. Its management for different content is also smoothly continuous.
The electronic menu boards are used to exhibit the menu in a more efficient way. The modern products are also used to impress the customers and catch their attentions. With better brightness, resolution, and design, it offers a better experience for Americana customers.