Marriott – Champions


AVXAV not only implemented the Marriott hotel with state-of-the-art hospitality smart TVs, but also Digital Signage screens in the hotel itself, as well as the restaurant located inside of it (Champions).


In the restaurant, Champions, AVXAV has provided them with large LG video walls, suitable for athletics and entertainment events, such as football. The reason behind this is because champions is a restaurant with a known theme of sports and athletics. It is usually a place people go to to watch matches, games, and tournaments while eating food that is fitting for the theme. And therefore, AVXAV has given the clients the exact products needed to suit the concept and theme


Just like they did with Champions, AVXAV is able to implement products depending on exactly what the clients needs, taking into consideration the content, design, and the exterior so that it is convenient and sufficient enough to fulfill the clients’ needs.


AVXAV supplied Champions with large Video walls. Large video walls are very convenient for a restaurant like Champions since, first, its immensity makes it visible for everyone in the restaurant, and it is perfectly suitable for the theme of the restaurant.



The video wall gives an artistic experience that captivates viewers by providing a seamless and eye-catching experience. It is a high resolution and laterally-extended screen with a consistent color and brightness. It is also easier to install and monitor, allowing businesses to mange the content distribution in a better way.


The software used in the Marriott and Champions is the SuperSign software, which is an industry conclusive software-based Content Management Solution. It is an all-in-one solution for editing, scheduling, and distributing, applicable for large-scale displays. It’s management for different content is also smoothly continuous.


By having products that fulfill the needs of the hotel, entertainment and service is enhanced, and guests can be entertained at all times.