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Queen Alia International Airport's image
avx-news 17 May 2023
Queen Alia International Airport

At avxav, we're committed to meeting our customers' diverse needs with the pinnacle of dig

Digital Signage Indoor LED MV Series
Jordan Kuwait Bank-Ibn Khaldoun Branch_1.95mm Indoor LED's image
avx-news 16 Feb 2023
Jordan Kuwait Bank-Ibn Khaldoun Branch_1.95mm Indoor LED

Jordan Kuwait Bank Ibn Khaldoun branch contains two indoor LED screens with a very narrow

Indoor LED 1.95mm Pixel Pitch JKB
Housing Bank Kid's Branch's image
avx-news 30 Jan 2023
Housing Bank Kid's Branch

The housing bank kid's branch is a unique branch made for kids, avxav added a digital tou

Floor LED Indoor LED Window Facing LED
Hikma Transparent LED's image
avx-news 23 Nov 2022
Hikma Transparent LED

We are excited to announce that we have completed the installation of Hikma's tr

Transparent LED Outdoor
JEDCO-2.9mm Pixel Pitch LED's image
avx-news 13 Sep 2022
JEDCO-2.9mm Pixel Pitch LED

INFILED 2.9mm Pixel Pitch Indoor LED screen. The auto scale/fit allows the customer to

2.9mm Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Auto Fit
Ritz Carlton Sports Lounge-1.25mm Indoor LED's image
avx-news 17 Aug 2022
Ritz Carlton Sports Lounge-1.25mm Indoor LED

´╗┐INFILED the ultra-thin display with a Pixel Pitch of 1.25mm that provides a resolution

1.25mm LED WP Series Digital Signage
KIA Town's image
avx-news 01 Aug 2022
KIA Town

KIA Town is the biggest KIA showroom in the world, avxav provided a complete Digital Signa

LED Digital Signage 3.9mm Pixel Pitch
AVXAV 15th Anniversary's image
avx-news 18 Jul 2022
AVXAV 15th Anniversary

At this day, AVXAV celebrates its achievements, success, and important milestones.For sure

Digital Signage Solutions For Banks's image
avx-news 08 Nov 2017
Digital Signage Solutions For Banks

avxav is dominating the banks market in digital signage solutions.We try our best to keep

Video Wall Windows Facing LED Indoor LED

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