Channel Management

  1. Why Broadcast Channel?

There is an increasing need for a visual communication solution that is effective and cost efficient in this age of dynamic communications. Corporate communications for example, is certainly a top priority to keep everyone in touch with each other in large organizations especially.

Whether you call it Digital Signage, Dynamic Signage, Narrowcasting, Datacasting, Digital In-Store Merchandising, Captive Audience Networks, Out-of-Home Media Networks, Digital Media Networks, Electronic Billboards or any of the other terms out there today… Our award winning products delivers just that solution.

Our Digital Signage Solutions provides the ability to collaboratively create, publish, schedule and centrally control media-rich content that can be delivered and dynamically localized at the point of playback to one or thousands of networked displays.

Here are several of many reasons why you should consider our Broadcast Channel


  • Deliver your messages to your specific audiences effectively, efficiently and with impact.
  • Reach your target audiences effectively 24/7 from anywhere to everywhere with reliability and confirmed playback.
  • Efficient and cost effective as our Digital Signage software provides the ability to create, schedule, manage, distribute and dynamically playback unique content to a single television station or thousands of remote displays from a single desktop.
  • Your intended messages or communication data are easily managed and controlled from just one central location.
  • Provides control over how and when your messages are sent or displayed.
  • Author and schedule playback to broadcast anywhere within minutes. Use your pre-existing content and keep it fresh with new updates done in nearly real-time.
  • Create consistency and flexibility with ease using local template-based authoring with definable controls.
  • Reduce the need for the conventional flyers, newsletters, brochures, etc.
  • Our Digital Signage Solutions creates impact, increases awareness, is flexible and influences decision making.

2. Benefits of In-house Broadcast Channel?

Here are some of the benefit and  many reasons why you should consider our Broadcast Channel


  • No additional costs to your existing transmission and network infrastructure
  • Broadcast your messages directly to your customers, employees
  • Reduce the need for flyers and brochures
  • Near real-time production turn around (less than few minutes
  • No wastages of flyers due to expiry of offers and promotions
  • Extra revenue can be earned by selling advertising airtime and promoting your bank services
  • The same messages can be used as digital sales kits on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM or USB Flash memory

3) Applications of Broadcast Channel? 

Use it for the following:

 Advertise to your customers


  • Educate / inform customers and clients about new products and services


  • Create awareness of your products and services via repetitive screening to your customers and clients.


  • Placed at a waiting hall, Broadcast Channel serves as a customer information kiosk
  • Customers will have something interesting and informative to watch while waiting in line.


  • Use it as an electronic queue control system.


  • Interactive employee training
  • Conduct training for employees in various departments or branches from one centralized location only.


  • As an electronic newsletter – bulletin board for corporate news, announcements, and happenings.
  • Disseminate information to various sections or branches from one centralized location with speed and efficiency.


  • Employee information channel during non-customer hours

Announcements such as staff promotions new employees, birthdays, etc