avxav installs large numbers of LED screens for Energy Out-of-Home.

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avxav installs large numbers of LED screens for Energy Out-of-Home.

date 13 Jun 2024
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Amman has been lit up with a large number of LED screens displaying attractive static and 3D visuals. For all those wondering, the project is a collaboration between outdoor advertising specialists Energy and audio-visual solutions experts avxav. The sleek billboard LED screens are 4.0m x 3.0m in size and were installed by avxav, the leading display solutions provider and telecommunications product specialist in the region. The screens, scattered all over the city, are SGS certified and have an ultra-high resolution that is perfect for 3D visuals and vibrant video advertisements, and can capture the attention of viewers to be captured from miles away.

In addition, the screens are IP65 rated, meaning they are highly water and dust resistant and withstand all sorts of weather conditions. Another feature about the screens that is worth mentioning is the built-in light sensor, which gives the screen the ability to automatically adjust brightness based on the weather conditions. This ensures that the display is not too sharp to the viewer’s eye at night, and not too dull in the light of day.

The screens can be found across most areas and landmarks of Amman, including 5th Circle, 6th Circle, 7th Circle, 8th Circle, Modern American School, St. Regis, Al Shaab Circle, Al Khairat, Abdoun, Abdali, Khalda Circle (Dabouq), Wadi Saqra, and many more.

The project is one of avxav and Energy’s significant OOH projects and intends to redefine the concept of digital signage in Jordan. Given that digital signage can boost engagement by up to 33%, as reported by the Digital Signage Federation, the project is one of the first efforts in making the signage industry fully digital.

The installation of the screens by the avxav team has been active since early February, and now all screens are operational and ready for ads rental.